Hello World

Hello World!

Yes, I am probably not the first and nor will I be the last. However, I feel the title of a programmers first blog post is almost as certain as the first piece code he/she will ever write. I can’t escape the feeling that I would be disappointed to find out otherwise.

Having spent a bit of time in the software industry now, I feel better equipped to give my opinions on various topics. I can hopefully provide help to people who might be struggling with a particular issue. (Hello all you frustrated googlers!)

In this blog I will be posting my solutions to certain scenarios, and provide commentary on the challenges I come across while trying to get my head around this ins and outs of a particular problem.

I operate in the .Net web space, and so most of the server side technologies touched upon in my musings will predominately surface from this area. However I do also spend a lot of time working on front end web projects and with SQL server. These will inevitably get some of the lime light as well. Especially since the world of UI at the moment seems to change with every solstice.

This is a learning curve for myself, having read a lot but not written much, and is a bit of a journey. Hopefully much of what I write will be readable and what I express understandable, and more importantly, correct. If not, feel free to drop a comment and set me straight.

Life is to live and learn.