Automated Deployments- An easy in with Octopus Deploy

Great news! Octopus Deploy is now offering a starter edition for small teams free! You can find their announcement here.

Why is this great news? One of the key things that I have come to learn in the last few years is the importance of slick operation management. Lots of companies like to band around the word DevOps – but really it just automating things for our own sanity.

Octopus Deploy has become a key player in deployments and has made my life so much easier. Deployments are a single click (well, a few clicks in some cases) and take seconds. Even better, if something doesn’t go quite to plan you have the power of versioning backing you up and deploying a previous version is just as easy.

The platform is mature enough to have multiple integration points as well, so is easy to hook into your CI/CD pipeline. When leveraged so, you can have a build sitting on your first test environment minutes after checking in, and pushing this build through to live (and all the other environment in between) also just takes a few clicks.

If I still haven’t convinced you, go check out their site and let them make your life easier.