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About Me

I am a software developer. I have written in Java, PHP and Ruby but have recently settled on “.NET” as my preferred platform. This is mostly due to the fact I spend so much time with it at work. However even on my own projects, I now find it’s my go to choice these days. I spend much of my time working with web APIs. I work across the whole ‘stack’ from front end development with JavaScript and HTML,  to databases at the other end of the pipeline.

These days I find myself reading more, and have become a staunch advocate of the SOLID principles and TDD. I find that they make my life as a developer maintaining the code easier, and also improve readability and architecture. There is much more satisfaction to be had as a developer writing code that you know to be sound. The people that have come up with these principles have struggled through the waters of architecture and design previously and have set out a path to avoid the obstacles that we commonly face. I find it amazing that given such an opportunity people would still stray off the road and into the woods.