Data structures O(n) O(1)

Data structures and the principles behind them are something that every developer understands to some degree. However they are often forgotten. I was guilty of just such a thing recently when trying to write an import for some data from a CSV. The premise was fairly simple and the functions not complicated. However running it… Continue reading Data structures O(n) O(1)

Result Pattern

Previously I have always generated custom exceptions when I know that the state of the system will causes errors when running. Null checking method parameters at the start of a method being a simple example of this. I threw them up to be dealt with, or handled them in the catch locally. However recently I… Continue reading Result Pattern

Branching Pipelines with OWIN

Branching pipelines with OWIN allow for several different request pipelines to be used as needed depending on a determining factor. This factor is most often a Hostname but it could be any sort of toggle. An example might be authentication. Your system might need to allow for different authentication mechanisms for different users. The set… Continue reading Branching Pipelines with OWIN

Programing IIS website configuration properties

Where possible it is easiest to manage IIS web configuration properties for applications via the web config file, for ASP.NET web applications at least. However, while setting up automated deployments recently I came across a situation whereby the values in the <sessionState> needed to change per environment. I will point out that I think using… Continue reading Programing IIS website configuration properties

Automated Deployments- An easy in with Octopus Deploy

Great news! Octopus Deploy is now offering a starter edition for small teams free! You can find their announcement here. Why is this great news? One of the key things that I have come to learn in the last few years is the importance of slick operation management. Lots of companies like to band around… Continue reading Automated Deployments- An easy in with Octopus Deploy

Health checks in .netCore web APIs

Previously I have been writing health check controllers by hand. Now .netCore has a simple way of managing service health checks via middleware. You can test everything is operational all the way down to the database. You can even write your own custom checks in a few lines. A simple service operational health check can… Continue reading Health checks in .netCore web APIs