NUnit test cases

Testing multiple scenarios through the same function can be a bit of a time sink. Writing out a method for each scenario and just changing the data passed into the function then checking the output against the expected result. Steve Fenton showed me NUnit test cases the other day though which make running multiple permutations… Continue reading NUnit test cases

C# Interfaces and default method implementations

The upcoming C# 8.0 release came up the other day, or more specifically the inclusion of default implementations on interface methods. At first glance it seems akin to madness, blurring the line between implementation and inheritance. We already have abstract classes that cater for this, so why the need? Taking a little time to dig… Continue reading C# Interfaces and default method implementations

The fragmentation of UI frameworks and structuring for the future

The highway of UI Given the fast moving space in which modern UI frameworks operate, its more important than ever to have some methods behind the madness. Adhering to some SOLID OO principles to help keep code clean, maintainable and most importantly; separated from the functions of the user interface. The most important of these… Continue reading The fragmentation of UI frameworks and structuring for the future

Why Limit WIP

I have worked with WIP limits before without really understanding why we have them. They appear to be just some arbitrary number on a board that people roughly try to stick to with no understanding of why. Why is normally the most important question! Normally it is very hard to do the doing without the… Continue reading Why Limit WIP

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Critical thinking in software development

Critical thinking is a key skill when it comes to software development. Being able to diagnose a problem and find common causality can save hours of effort and frustration. However it seems to be a skill that is often overlooked and undervalued. Sometimes you hear the phrase “10x” developer thrown around. This is a developer… Continue reading Critical thinking in software development

Exception handling in Web API 2

REST Web APIs are becoming more and more popular and have seen a large uptake recently. One of the nicer features that is available in the .NET web API 2 toolkit is it’s inbuilt exception handling. This allows you to maintain separation on concerns and stops controllers becoming bloated beasts of burden, or logging. A… Continue reading Exception handling in Web API 2

Hello World!

Yes, I am probably not the first and nor will I be the last. However, I feel the title of a programmers first blog post is almost as certain as the first piece code he/she will ever write. I can’t escape the feeling that I would be disappointed to find out otherwise. Having spent a… Continue reading Hello World!