Data structures O(n) O(1)

Data structures and the principles behind them are something that every developer understands to some degree. However they are often forgotten. I was guilty of just such a thing recently when trying to write an import for some data from a CSV. The premise was fairly simple and the functions not complicated. However running it… Continue reading Data structures O(n) O(1)

Result Pattern

Previously I have always generated custom exceptions when I know that the state of the system will causes errors when running. Null checking method parameters at the start of a method being a simple example of this. I threw them up to be dealt with, or handled them in the catch locally. However recently I… Continue reading Result Pattern

The fragmentation of UI frameworks and structuring for the future

The highway of UI Given the fast moving space in which modern UI frameworks operate, its more important than ever to have some methods behind the madness. Adhering to some SOLID OO principles to help keep code clean, maintainable and most importantly; separated from the functions of the user interface. The most important of these… Continue reading The fragmentation of UI frameworks and structuring for the future

Critical thinking in software development

Critical thinking is a key skill when it comes to software development. Being able to diagnose a problem and find common causality can save hours of effort and frustration. However it seems to be a skill that is often overlooked and undervalued. Sometimes you hear the phrase “10x” developer thrown around. This is a developer… Continue reading Critical thinking in software development